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How to open an account on BBI Trading Markets platform?

You can apply for an account by clicking "Register account" on BBI Trading Markets official website.According to the form, the customer can provide information such as phone number, email address, identity certificate and bank card number to quickly complete the application for opening an account. After the information is confirmed to meet the requirements for opening an account, we will send an email to your opening mailbox.

How to place an order on the platform?

Executing a trade is easy.Download and install one of our trading platforms and log in to your account.And then:
1. Open a transaction by clicking the "New Order" button at the transaction terminal.
2. Enter the volume of transactions you have selected.
3. Click the bid (sell) or offer (buy) button to execute the trade.

What are the common trades?

The us dollar, Japanese yen, Euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar and Australian Dollar are the most common currencies traded. Gold, silver and crude oil are the main commodities traded in the international market. The above commodities account for 85% of the daily trading in the global market.

What is an exponent?

An index is a basket of the most valuable stocks on the same exchange.If these stocks rise, the index will follow them up; if not, it will fall.

What are the advantages of index trading?

Index trading allows investors to speculate on a basket of companies or industries, providing efficient value investing.In addition, the index's leverage and mode of operation can give investors the opportunity to capture any upside or downside.This is an advantage that a single stock cannot match.

How do I trade online?

Anyone can conduct transactions around the world via the Internet.MT4 is a universal platform.After you download and install the platform, you can see the quote window on the platform and click Trade.At the same time, you can also make transactions through mobile devices, such as mobile apps and tablets.

After logging into the platform software, why is "invalid account" displayed in the lower right corner?

Invalid account indicates that the account you entered, password or server is incorrect.Please note that the password is case sensitive and select the correct server.

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