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What is index trading?

A stock index gives investors a broad picture of the market because it is usually a basket of stocks containing the industries and companies that are most important to the local economy.

Index trading is a derivative market based on stock index trading.Index contracts for difference (CFD) reflect the price fluctuations of exchange-traded futures.Its movements follow those of the underlying futures.BBI Trading Markets the INDEX contract for Difference is provided to your account in the form of profit and loss margin, i.e. the difference between the current value of the transaction and the future value of the transaction.Strictly speaking, an index contract for difference works on the same principle as an ordinary contract for difference.

BBI Trading Markets provides major crude oil traded products.You can speculate on the fluctuations of energy products based on market supply and demand.

What are the advantages of index trading?

Diversified products cover major global capital markets. Real-time price trend allows you to buy and sell anytime and anywhere. Fixed difference facilitates you to accurately calculate costs and use index as an effective risk tool to hedge the stock market.

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