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What is crude oil trading?

Crude oil commodities are widely used in every part of our life. As one of the most actively traded products in the world, crude oil has a huge impact on the global economy.

The origins of the crude oil trade stem from the oil crisis of the early 1970s.As a result of the violent fluctuations in oil prices, the volume of oil trading has shown a rapid growth trend, is now more than the volume of metal products trading.Among the oil futures contracts, crude oil futures is the most traded and the most frequently traded variety.Currently, the crude oil products traded in BBI Trading Markets are London Brent crude oil (UKOUSD) and US Crude oil (USOUSD).Investors are free to trade in a variety of commodities based on an individual's understanding of the market.

BBI Trading Markets provides major crude oil traded products.You can speculate on the fluctuations of energy products based on market supply and demand.

What are the benefits of trading crude oil?

Trading a variety of the most representative crude oil, enjoy higher leverage returns, can be short trading, real-time market price transaction, using T+0 trading rules flexible trading, low spread, low trading costs, leverage trading to improve capital utilization, supply and demand affect the price, easy to grasp the market.

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