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Best deal

Our intelligent transaction technology is based on our optimal transaction policies and incorporates factors such as the fairness of quotations, transaction speed, number of hands and transaction characteristics.
In addition, our infrastructure USES the leading service providers in the industry to ensure that we can provide customers with the best transaction environment.

A fast and reliable trading platform

Execution speed is one of the important factors affecting the price.With our new proprietary V20 execution engine, we can currently execute trades in less than a millisecond, which is 1/300 of the blink of an eye.

No dealer intervention

Fully automated trading platforms mean that there is no dealer intervention or algorithmic software to make trading change.Any price decline is the result of natural fluctuations in market prices, not asymmetric price declines.When your order reaches our trading engine, the order will be filled at the market price without final inspection.

No reoffer or rejection

We never re-quote, and the market order will only be rejected if you choose to submit to prevent price fluctuations beyond the upper or lower limits.When you cannot monitor an open position, you can set a profit lock or a stop loss to prevent further losses.

Fairness: Pricing transparency

The more transparent the trading platform you choose, the more information you will know and the more powerful you will be.To uphold our core principles of "fairness and equity", we ensure fully automated execution of customer transactions.

Our pricing engine

Market fluctuation and market liquidity are the two main factors affecting CFD and FX spread.Our unique V20 pricing engine ensures that our spread fluctuations remain within acceptable ranges.

The influence of market fluctuation and the calculation of spread

During periods of price volatility, exposure to higher market risks, such as economic and political news announcements.As the market spread increases or decreases, our pricing engine will raise or lower the spread accordingly.

Deep fluidity

The flow of global markets changes throughout the day, responding to news events, market volatility and after-hours showings and openings.When the amount of money in circulation is low, our partner Banks and financial institutions take action to reduce their own risk, limit the size of the transaction, reject the offer or provide an "indicative offer" from which the transaction cannot be concluded.As a well-known dealer, we will provide you with the amount of money in circulation even when we are unable to complete the pricing.

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Risk statement: CFD derivatives trading carries risks, so you should only invest with funds that you can afford.