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Introduction to the platform

BBI Trading Markets is a market-leading CFD broker, providing customers with low spreads and fast trading services on foreign exchange, precious metals, energy and global indices. Our diverse product portfolio, coupled with our strong capabilities and customer focus, enhances our competitiveness in the industry and contributes to our success. We understand the importance of localization and are committed to providing excellent localization services to clients around the world, which leads us to go global.



Local service covers the world.

BBI Trading Markets aims to provide customers with a safe, transparent and efficient financial derivatives service platform and create a high-quality service experience. Starting from the needs of customers, we adhere to the principle of "safety first", and provide customers with corresponding capital security guarantee services for the products we recommend, so that individual investors can safely, easily and quickly understand all capital market products, and from diversified of your portfolio and unlimited investment options.

Our localized experience has made us a global elite, a strategy that has helped us cross borders and provide clients around the world with a wide range of trading opportunities. Our logo reflects our local and global presence. The square in the center represents the importance we place on the country, as we have roots in many countries. The outer circle highlights our global reach and expertise leading our view of development.

Our purpose



Our aim is to provide our clients with the best trading environment and experience. We know you trade to build wealth, and it's the way we do business that sets our clients' confidence in us.

Our philosophy is based on two core tenets: Humanity and Transparency.

Transparency is our business model and always strives to be sincere for the benefit of our customers.

We are customer oriented. We value our customers' opinions and strive to bring you the best products on the market. To ensure that customers can enjoy every transaction experience.

In addition, we are always fair and transparent to deliver on our commitment to our customers. Every trust in us from all walks of life comes from our rigorous ethics and high-quality services. All of our customers can enjoy a transparent and fair trading environment, and each of your transactions is handled and concluded with the highest market standards.

Our top technology

We are committed to providing customers with top trading tools and technology, so as to continuously improve the trading experience of customers.

Our sophisticated technical team has extensive market experience and strives to bring our clients the best trading programs, web pages, mobile service platforms and MT4 programs.

We continue to challenge ourselves to achieve whatever is possible. We will make unremitting efforts to seek professional services that can be provided to customers, reduce transaction costs, improve transaction speed, highly transparent quotations and innovative technology.

In the coming years, our commitment to our customers, partners and employees is to continue to disrupt industries and open up opportunities through technological solutions, to keep our The highest level of integrity to ensure value for money.


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Risk statement: CFD derivatives trading carries risks, so you should only invest with funds that you can afford.