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Dear BBI users:

Hello everyone, a new level in the new year. The number of BBI active users in the first quarter of 2023 has increased by 125% year-on-year. Good operating data is inseparable from the strong support of the majority of users. In order to better give back to all users and to realize a diversified online service system, our company is scheduled to conduct a closed upgrade and maintenance of the main server system on 2023.04.20. The upgrade details are as follows:

①Create an open intelligent trading community. All traders' data can generate system signal sources, which can support automatic follow-up of full-service trading accounts, so as to realize intelligent trading solutions.
② On-line member area, the service will be further upgraded. On the basis of the existing server, our company will deploy a member-only server and a member communication area.

The total deployment period above is estimated to be 35-45 working days. During this upgrade period, all trading account servers will be replaced with enterprise-specific servers, and transaction data and deposit and withdrawal data will not be affected in any way.
After you know it, please pay attention to the operation and re-download the trading software on the official website. The matters are as follows:

The original server of BBI will be temporarily shut down on April 16, 2023 to enter the upgrade cycle. The enterprise-level server will be officially launched on April 17, 2023. At that time, the official website will open the new client for download. Please uninstall the previous software and download it from the official website again. Trading software. The client is dedicated to the enterprise, so the Apple client version does not support WeChat QR code scanning. You can use other QR code scan codes or the phone’s built-in QR code to download. If the later Apple version software cannot be opened, just uninstall it and download it again on the official website.

Rapid development is inseparable from everyone's trust and support. BBI officials can only continue to optimize the trading environment, enrich trading scenarios, stabilize transaction security, and improve transaction experience, so as to give back to new and old users.

Please understand the above content, we look forward to it together!

BBI Technology Center

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